Afinlandia Awards

Afinlandia Awards 2022

AFinLA (Association Finlandaise de Linguistique Appliquée) awards the Afinlandia prize annually for a distinguished Master’s thesis, and every three years fo

Afinlandia 2020: MA Karoliina Möttönen's abstract

The thesis is an ethnographic case study on language policy and language ideologies in a multilingual Sweden Finnish secondary school. This study aims to examine how the language policy of the school community is depicted in the descriptions of its members. Moreover, the study analyses what kinds of language ideologies can be read from these descriptions.

Afinlandia Award 2020 call for nominations

The Finnish Association for Applied Linguistics, AFinLA, is inviting nominations for the Afinlandia Award 2020 in the Master’s thesis series. The award is presented for a thesis written in Finland within the field of applied linguistics. We now wish to invite colleagues active in the field of applied linguistics to nominate highly qualified theses for the prize.

Afinlandia 2019: MA Hoa Nguyen's abstract

My MA thesis investigates English shaming in the context of Vietnam. More specifically, it aims to examine how Vietnamese YouTube users, by responding to a video of a Vietnamese beauty queen speaking in what is deemed “bad” English, articulate the existing local ideologies surrounding English in an era of globalization.